National Security

I STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP on national security.  In short, build the wall and change the laws. 

We must secure our southern border.  And our immigration laws including the granting of visas and their enforcement must put America first. In a post-911 world where Islamic terrorists mean to do us harm, we are 18 years overdue in building the wall, protecting the American people, and ending the chaos at the border.  ISIS, al Queda and other terrorist organizations remain active and pose a real threat.  Current laws and rulings from the federal bench encourage mass, illegal immigration, no longer merely from Mexico and central America but from around the world. In turn lawlessness leads to greater lawlessness.    

As your Congressman I will not only sponsor legislation to fund the wall but legislation that requires all businesses and employers to use E-Verify.  Reducing the demand for illegal employees through the enforcement of E-verify including the criminal prosecution of employers who hire illegal aliens is the most effective way to reduce illegal immigration. 

No one faults the billions of people around the world living on less than $2 a day for seeking a better life, but America simply cannot absorb millions let alone billions of immigrants and remain America.  The real answer lies in promoting freedom including free market capitalism and securing personal property rights under Constitutional republics across every continent.  As your Congressman I WILL STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP TO KEEP AMERICA GREAT and against those for open borders.   

For more information on both legal and illegal immigration go to Numbers USA.  Start with Roy Beck's YouTube video "Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs."

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